Technical Support

Field Support

InTime has a support team designed to provide solutions to its customers. The team consists of several layers of support. The layers of support are comprised of Field Representatives, Regional Technical Support Representatives, and National Support Specialists.

Field Representatives - InTime Field Representatives are responsible for providing the first line of support to the customer. If you find you are in need of agronomic assistance related to the InTime service or have specific questions regarding the use of InTime products please contact your local field representative.

Regional Technical Support Representatives - This line of support is provided by InTime to offer onsite technical support to customers. In order to obtain this method of support from InTime, a customer must contact their Field Representative or the helpdesk directly to get a representative dispatched to assist with their problem.

National Support Specialists - Provides support in conjunction with a Regional Technical Support Representative when the representative has exhausted all knowledge on the issue at hand. This method of support is provided at the discretion of the Region Technical Support Representative when it is determined additional resources are needed.

Certified Dealer Program

InTime also works closely with equipment dealers through a Certified Dealer Program to provide fast equipment support for its clients. This equipment is complex and an experienced installer is required to ensure efficient installation, testing, and training. In using an InTime certified dealer, you are guaranteed prompt and courteous support through InTime’s Help Desk. Certified dealers have the experience and knowledge to properly test the equipment to InTime standards after installation. Certified dealers provide training to equipment operators so that they are skilled in using variable-rate equipment and InTime Products.

Click here for a complete list of InTime Certified Dealers.