Current Operations

The InTime operations department is responsible for data collection and processing. The department is comprised of several young, driven, technology savvy individuals that pride themselves on doing the job that others said couldn’t be done. Bringing in individuals from around the country to occupy key positions and establishing relationships with local universities to provide ambitious interns and part time employees, InTime’s operation department is one of the most capable in the industry.

InTime flight operations currently consists of four aircraft and four camera systems stationed at three regional airports including Cleveland, MS, Memphis, TN, and Hanford, CA. From these locations, InTime can cover nearly the entire southern half of the United States and several regions of the Midwest. InTime has also developed relationships with many of the aerial imaging companies across the nation that can be called upon if the situation arises. By carefully selecting targets and using advanced GIS software on board the aircraft, InTime increases the efficiency of data collection to ensure you a cost effective product.

Located in the home office in Cleveland MS, InTime has one of the most advanced commercial geospatial labs in the country. Housing 11 workstations equipped with several GIS and image processing software packages, the geospatial lab is capable of processing tens of thousands of acres a day, enabling InTime to have one of the fastest turnarounds of data collection in the country. InTime is constantly adding new software and processing techniques in an effort to provide a better product more efficiently to its clients.