InTime Prescription Maps

InTime Prescription products provide the valuable link between identifying variation in the field, and obtaining more uniform results.

Prescriptions are created by the user via InTime's Crop-Site software. Creating prescriptions is as easy as matching the application rate to the color seen on the corresponding scout map.

Prescriptions can be written for one field or several at a time. All prescriptions come standard with a total amount of chemicals/inputs needed, as well as the amounts per field. Users can input cost information to obtain a total cost per application or per field.

Prescription products include a printable report that contains helpful load information to alleviate the hassle of figuring out how much chemical to put in the tank, as well as data files that may be loaded onto Variable Rate controllers.

Prescriptions are tailor-made to the applicator, allowing the user to adjust swath width and application direction. Many controller types are supported via Crop-Site, while most other formats can be created through InTime's 24/7 Customer Support Help Desk.

Prescriptions may be created from any of InTime's Scouting models. Click on the link to the left to see an example prescription report.