InTime Software


The workhorse of InTime, Crop-Site is a web-based application that allows users to model their farm, order imagery, and create map products.

By hosting Crop-Site on the web, InTime ensures that our clients always have the latest updates and can access their products and data from anywhere without having to install special software.

InTime Connection (ITC)

InTime Connection's main capabilities include streaming RTK-correction data using a cell phone, logging positional data, logging raw serial data, and sending collected data from the field straight to InTime for processing. A bonus feature gives access to the latest weather radar image at the push of a button.

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InTime Base (ITB)

InTime Base gives you two software programs: the server and the client. Together they enable you to broadcast RTK correction data using a cell phone. The ITB server program is connected to the base station through a desktop computer in your office. The ITB client program runs on a PDA cell phone and connects wirelessly to the server in the office. The client program passes on the correction data to the receiver.

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