InTime Products and Services

InTime's mission is to provide innovative agricultural solutions using cutting edge technologies.

These solutions take the form of a suite of products and services that help farmers make better decisions, and apply those decisions more effectively.

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  • Scout Maps – InTime's Scout Maps are derived from aerial imagery of fields. There are several kinds of Scout Maps, each a powerful tool to help decision-makers manage variation in the field.
  • Prescription Maps – InTime's Prescription Maps allow specially equipped implements to automatically vary the rate of treatment applied in the field, ensuring crops receive exactly the amount of chemical needed.
  • Software – InTime Connection Software in conjunction with InTime's web-based Crop-Site allows clients to simply and effectively create and manage their products, collect data, and improve the accuracy and range of GPS in the field.
  • Equipment – InTime operates as a distributor for all of the equipment necessary to get you up and running using our services. We also provide installation and support to ensure your operation runs smoothly.
  • Imagery – InTime operates a fleet of airplanes equipped with specialized cameras for acquiring agricultural imagery. In addition, InTime maintains strong relationships with other aerial and satellite providers, making us your one-stop imagery shop for industries inside or outside of agriculture.
  • Printed Maps – InTime also offers printing services for wall maps, posters, signage and other media.
  • Sample Applications – Check out this list of InTime Scout Maps at work in the field. See how real life farmers have used InTime's tools to improve their effectiveness in the field.