Land Use Efficiency in Cotton

 The seven color classified image above shows a cotton field in South Alabama. The grower is renting the land. The rent is based on the total acreage in the field. The majority of the areas in class 1 (dark brown) are ditches. However, some of these areas are low laying areas where water prohibited sufficient plant growth early in the season. The acreage for each class can easily be calculated from this imagery. The grower would like to use the image to show the owner the limited use of the field.
       The picture on the top left shows one of the ditches that runs through the field. Obviously, that area is not productive. However, it also limits the area that can be planted because the planter has to deal with the ditches.
       The second picture was taken towards the south and shows cotton in class 7 (dark green) areas.
       The third picture was taken towards the north and shows a big contrast from the previous picture. The picture shows cotton plants in class 1, 2, and 3 (dark brown, beige, and light yellow). Abundant water has limit early season growth and in many case drowned the cotton.

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